Cooperative “Experiences” Coming to Pokemon Go

When it launched last summer, Pokemon GO quickly became a global phenomenon with millions of people installing the app and roaming outside to discover and catch pokemons on their phones. The game quickly became popular among people of all ages and grew to an impressive user base of 65 million.

Pokemon GO continues to generate about $30 million in monthly revenue, according to the Wall Street Journal, although the game’s popularity has slightly toned down since last year.

Niantic recently announced that Pokemon GO received the Best Mobile and Handheld Game at the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts Game Awards, in addition to the many other awards that the game received.

The company went on to thank the more than 65 million people from around the world who play Pokemon GO on a regular basis. To show its appreciation, Niantic revealed that it’s working on “all new cooperative social gameplay experiences”, that would provide Trainers with new and exciting features.

New co-op features to arrive this spring

Users have been requesting a new co-op mode in Pokemon GO for quite some time now, as it would allow them to play with friends and even attract more players to the entertaining mobile AR game.

New co-op features would arrive to Pokemon GO this spring “in the northern hemisphere” and they would gradually roll out globally soon afterward. Until then, Niantic updated Pokemon GO on both Android and iOS.

Pokemon Go was updated to version 0.61.0 on Android and 1.31.0 on iOS, while the changelog is the same for both platforms. Niantic added Traditional Chinese language support and updated the Pokemon collection screen scroll bar. Moreover, various bug and minor text fixes were included in the update.

An update brought to the game earlier this year provided Android and iOS users with a tool for listening to their favorite music, while hunting for Pokemons. Users would have to start their playlist before launching the game so the music would play in the background.