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Designers behind Princess Diana’s iconic wedding gown reveal concerning fact


Princess Diana’s wedding dress is probably one of the most iconic bridal gowns to date.For her wedding to Prince Charles, the 20-year-old sported an Emanuel dress with a pearled bodice, frilled sleeves and long veil. Pictures reveal a gorgeous, glamorous wedding gown only fit for a royal — but the story behind her dress is something much darker.

According to multiple reports, Diana had lost so much weight before her wedding that she had to be sewn into her gown. And we’re not talking about just “a few” centimeters. One of the designers behind the dress, Elizabeth Emanuel, predicted that the princess-to-be lost almost 6 inches around her waist before the royal nuptials.


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“We put it down to nerves. But it did make it incredibly difficult for us to get on with making the dress. We had to keep taking the bodice in and changing the pattern,” she said according to Express.

Elizabeth explained that when Diana arrived for her first fitting, she was a healthy size 29. But by the last fitting (the designers “lost count” after fitting number 15) her waist measured a mere 23.5 inches.

In the end, Elizabeth and now ex-husband David, created five different bodies to accompany Diana’s ever-shrinking waistline. Explained Elizabeth, “She was incredibly tiny by the end. We literally sewed her into the dress.”

However, the gown remains every bit iconic as Diana is today. The train measured to 25 feet, the gown — made of silk and tulle –was embroidered with 10,000 pearls. It cost over 1,000 pounds (at the time) to make.


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