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Doctors Told Her It Was All In Her Head. But After A Scare She Went To The ER And It Saved Her Life

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There are so many diseases and scary things that can plague our bodies that it is hard to keep track of what could possible go wrong with you at any point in time.

There are tumors, bacteria, viruses, and other types of malfunctions that can catch us by surprise at any time, even if we were seemingly completely fine the night before.

Such was the case with one woman who was riding a bike one day with her friends when she suddenly noticed she had trouble breathing, and it was a good thing she went straight to the doctors afterwards…
On a sunny day, 38 year old Petra Bohunicka was along riding her bike having fun with her friends while she was on vacation, but after some time pedaling noticed that she had some serious trouble breathing.

She didn’t think much of it, and figured it was her being weak or just exhausted, so they continued on their ride but her problem persisted, and started to worry Bohunicka.

She make her way to the hospital, and it was a good thing she did. Doctors inspected her and eventually found that there was a mass inside of her lungs growing, and it was about the size of a football.
They went to immediate surgery to remove the tumor, and it was scary what they managed to pull out of her lungs. The surgery was not simple either.

The entire process took the doctors about three hours, and they had to remove more than just the tumor. They had to take out the membrane surrounding her longs known as the pulmonary pleurae, along with a muscle at the bottom of her chest.

Professor Robery Lischke who was at Prague’s Motol University Hospital spoke about Bohunicka’s operation saying that he had his concerns about the operation, but knew that leaving this tumor inside of her was most certainly a mistake and made the recommendation to take it out as soon as possible.

The tumor was benign, but had been sitting in Bohunicka’s lungs for several years, growing and affecting her respiratory capabilities. If she had decided to not undergo the surgery and leave the tumor in, she would eventually suffer extreme breathing problems.

The surgery was so complicated that she almost died several times during the surgery, but with the knowledge and care of the skilled surgeons, she was able to make it through alive and wound up tumor free very by the next day.

Bohunicka is still recovering under the watchful eye of doctors in a hospital bed, but can now life the rest of her life knowing that she will be able to breathe properly, and will live a long and happy life.

Imagine how scary it must have been finding out that there is a football growing inside of your lung!

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