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EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle’s mum Doria Ragland is in danger

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As her wedding approaches, the royal-to-be has grave fears for her mother’s safety.

As a heartbroken Meghan was struggling to come to terms with her half-brother’s scathing public attack late last week, sources tell Woman’s Day she’s “barely sleeping at night” over fears her beloved mum Doria Ragland has been left exposed to security risks thanks to her daughter’s new high profile. “Doria’s home is in a normal suburban street in LA, and Meghan’s totally overthinking the kind of dangers she might be facing,” says a source.

“Her anxiety began when she did SAS training to prepare herself for possible kidnapping – but all 
she could think about was what if this happens to her mum?”

Now, in an unprecedented move, Meghan has told Harry that once she’s his wife, she intends to formally petition the Queen to allow Doria to move into Kensington Palace.

“Harry was quite shocked that Meghan would be so bold, but he supports her,” says a source.

“Plus, he loves Doria. He’s enjoying having 
a motherly type around after so long without one, so he’s going to 
ask his grandmother 
on Meghan’s behalf.”

Adding, “He knows all too well what it’s like to worry about a parent – even when he was young he fretted about Diana’s safety.”

In Los Angeles, where Doria 
is a social worker and yoga teacher, the 61-year-old lives alone with two dogs.

“She’s trying to go about her life as normal, but she feels she needs to be constantly on her guard,” reveals a family friend.

“She hasn’t told Meghan this as she doesn’t want to worry 
her – but Meghan knows.””Doria and her share a bond more like sisters than mother and daughter, and even though they’re thousands of kilometres away from each other, Meghan can tell something’s not right.”


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