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Game Of Thrones star admits he was blindsided by major character death: ‘I didn’t know’


Game Of Thrones star Brenock O’Connor says he had no idea about what his character was going to get up to in season five. While the name O’Connor might not ring a bell with fans straight away, the name Olly might.

Olly shocked us all when he stabbed Jon Snow at the end of season five, leaving viewers to fear that the popular character had bitten the dust. While we now know that what wasn’t the case, Olly was still public enemy number one and likely celebrated when a revived Jon got his revenge (even though Olly was just a kid).

O’Connor has said that his character’s actions came as a shock to him, and he was worried he would be hated. ‘I had no idea it was coming until three weeks before because they send scripts two episodes at a time,’ he told the Express. ‘But I was like, “Wow this is huge and people are going to hate me”. ‘I’d taken out Ygritte the year before so I was like, “I’m taking them all out!”‘

He also accepted that ‘killing’ Jon put a time limit on his character. ‘There was no way those characters could get away with it,’ he added. Brenock isn’t the only one shocked at what became of their character.

Natalie Dormer recently admitted she was ‘pissed off’ at what became of House Tyrell after her character Margaery Tyrell died. She told Mashable: ‘Just looking at how gorgeous High Garden was — and when the High Garden soldiers were all dead on the floor I felt, you know, protective.

‘It was so stupid. It was that little bit of Margaery that’s still in the back of my brain. ‘She couldn’t help but think, “Men wearing my sigil, lying in a pool of their own blood on the floor”. I was like, “Who’s done this to my home!?”


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