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Game-worn Michael Jordan jersey sells for nearly $50,000


Michael Jordan’s Wizards jersey rakes in nearly $50,000 at auction

Michael Jordan retired from the game of basketball 15 years ago, but anything that carries his name or likeness is still a hot commodity.

Never mind the $2.6B division of Nike that dons his logo, or the $100M-plus in royalties that he earned off the brand in 2017. Forget about the Chicago Bulls memorabilia that he’s signed and then seen purchased for gaudy amounts of money at auctions or on the internet.That’s right. A Wizards jersey that Jordan wore on one occasion better than 15 years ago sold for $47,872.50 at an auction last weekend.Even a one-time game-worn Washington Wizards jersey goes for nearly $50,000 now.


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The starting bid for the jersey, which was worn by Jordan on December 18th, 2002, was just $15,000. Bids for the jersey escalated quickly, though, mainly because the item had been authenticated as being game-worn through a high degree of photographic confirmation.

Authenticated game-worn Jordan jerseys are hard to come by, which automatically increased the popularity of this particular item. Comparatively, Ebay has recently featured a couple of Jordan jerseys that sellers are merely claiming to be authentic, but selling for less than $3,000 a piece.

Jordan scored 33 points in a 118-100 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies while wearing the jersey. It was a season-high at the time, but he would go on to beat that number multiple times throughout the season including totals of 41, 43 and 45 points. Jordan played all 82 games that season, which was ultimately his last as a player.


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