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Get ready for shiny Bulbasaur! The third Pokémon Go Community Day brings with it the Frenzy Plant move this Sunday


If you evolve an Ivysaur to a Venusaur this Pokémon Go Community Day, it will learn the powerful move Frenzy Plant.

If you thought the last Pokémon Go Community Day was exciting, this month’s Pokémon Go Community Day is looking even better.

While February’s Pokémon Go Community Day gave us shiny Dragonite with the powerful move Draco Meteor, this month you’ll have the chance to make Venusaur one of the strongest grass-type attackers in the entire game.

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For a three-hour window from 10am to 1pm (GMT) on Sunday 25 March, the first-generation starter, Bulbasaur, will be infesting the game in droves.

There’s no confirmation there will be shiny forms of Bulbasaur available, but at this point it’s pretty much a given, seeing as we’ve seen both shiny Pikachu and shiny Dratini show their faces during the previous two Community Day events.


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