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Heartbreaking reason why the Queen leaves her Christmas tree up until February

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While most people have well and truly rid their house of anything that resembles a Christmas decoration, Queen Elizabeth keeps hers up until February.

The Monarch and the rest of the royal family spend right up until February 6 each year still surrounded by tinsel, baubles and wreaths.

However, there’s a sombre reason why the 91-year-old, who spends the festive period at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, extends the holiday for as long as she can.

It’s believed that the Queen waits until after the anniversary of her father, King George VI’s death until she takes them down every year.

The Queen stays at Sandringham until that date has passed, so she can remember her father in peace before returning to Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth and her father were famously extremely close when she was growing up.

After marrying Prince Philip in 1947, King George VI wrote a touching letter to his daughter about how he felt like he “had lost something” that day.

When did King George VI die

It’s believed it’s to honour the memory of her late father, King George VI, who passed away on February 6, 1952. Photo: Getty Images

“I was so proud and thrilled at having you so close to me on our long walk in Westminster Abbey,” the late King wrote in the letter, which was revealed to the public in 2015 to mark the Queen and Prince Philip’s 68th wedding anniversary.

“But when I handed your hand to the Archbishop, I felt I had lost something very precious.

“You were so calm and composed during the service and said your words with such conviction that I knew everything was alright.

“I have watched you grow up all these years with pride under the skilful direction of Mummy, who, as you know, is the most marvellous person in the world in my eyes, and I can, I know, always count on you and now Philip to help us in our work.

“Your leaving us has left a great blank in our lives. But do remember that your old home is still yours and do come back to it as much and as often as possible.

Queen Elizabeth and King George VI

Queen Elizabeth is pictured here with her father and her sister, Princess Margaret. Photo: Getty Images

“I can see that you are sublimely happy with Philip which is right but don’t forget us, is the wish of your ever loving and devoted… Papa.”

The Queen was just 21-years-old when she married Prince Philip.

Sadly, King George VI passed away on February 6, 1952 after battling with lung cancer.




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