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Home affects your mood

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For your body, mind and spirit can affect different factors in the home. Here’s how to make your home a more pleasant place to live for himself and his family.
Ceiling height 
More ceilings give a sense of freedom, and physical and mental. More ceilings are ideal for those who deal with abstract thinking, while lower ceilings are better suited to those who are oriented to detail. Interestingly, there was an actual ceiling height of what makes a good impression, but your experience level. If you are a creative person looking for inspiration, it may be necessary to using light (preferably, if possible, natural) and color (light colors recommended) visually “raise” the ceiling. 

View through window 
View (through the window) on natural vegetation reduces mental fatigue and increases attention. In times of full concentration and learning, look at the Rose Garden will restore your energy. If the window looking into urban landscapes, enter into the home and it spread favorite plants that your view is often able to “wander”. 

Inadequate exposure to daylight can disturb circadian (daily rhythm). Insufficient natural light can cause symptoms such as jet position. On the other hand, sleeping in a dark room increases the level of melatonin, a hormone that acts on the mood and which is produced in the body during the night. During the day, spend at least some time outside in the daylight, and at night no room osvetljavajte excessive light. At bedtime, put curtains on the windows and turn off the light. 

Disorder in the house a mess and mentally, as well as room crowded cases. Carefully select and display the little things that are dear to you and to discover who lives in that particular home (for example, favorite books, children’s drawings, souvenirs from vacation, etc.). 

Sharp edges rounded replace or attach rounded edges conventional “square” items (even if you have small children in the home), because you will feel so relaxed. Once sufficient and round mirror or rounded pads on the bed. 

There’s a whole science of colors and their effect on the psyche. Most generally speaking, blue and green calm and are recommended for large areas, for example in the living room walls. White will make a small room bigger, but the best match for a “stronger” color (red or yellow, for example). 

Reorganization furniture 
Periodically deployment in the apartment, as you will get a whole new perspective of your home (and themselves in it).

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