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How do coffee healthier

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For many, the first thing in the morning think – coffee.The vast majority of the drink very often, so it is not bad to know a few things that can help us to this (not) required to make healthier beverage.
Use organic coffee
Coffee, unfortunately, is one of the crops that are mostly treated with chemicals. In the conventional production of coffee per hectare is used almost 280 kg of fertilizers. You drink coffee, eat the remains of the chemicals that contribute to many health problems. Over time, a regular cup or two of your drinking leads to a buildup of toxins. It is therefore very important to choose organic coffee , which will itself provide much healthier satisfaction.
Replacer better variant
Milk is often added to coffee. It looks harmless – but if you really want to give their coffee have growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides (all of which, unfortunately, is produced in conventional milk)?
Gonna make coffee healthier if you leave out the milk. Or, if you can, get organic milk or cream. Another variation is to use soy, rice, almond, coconut or other plant milk which now has on sale.

Avoid refined sugar
Most people who pay attention to their health to avoid refined sugar, but often make exceptions when it comes to your morning coffee. However, refined sugar is often GMO origin and not good for those who have problems with the stomach or liver.
Sweeten coffee organic brown cane sugar, or low-glycemic sugar such as coconut sugar , and it is desirable to add the coffee and cinnamon, to gauge the speed of raising blood sugar levels.

Reduce acidity
One of the main things that can be problematic in coffee is its acidity. It might not be a problem if our diet is based on alkalotvornim food (fresh fruit and vegetables), but if in our diet dominated by cereals and proteins of animal origin, it is coffee the extra load.
To reduce the acidity of coffee, cook with water that has a higher level of alkalinity (there are several types of sales). If the coffee you add a little plain butter or coconut oil , they will also reduce its acidity.

Reduce the negative effects of caffeine
It is caffeine what most of us likes their coffee. But it artificially stimulates our adrenal glands, which contributes to their exhaustion in the long run. The irony is that we use caffeine to get the energy and short on and working, but we are in the long run leaves chronically tired and have to drink more and more coffee to achieve the same effect, and sometimes without any effect.
However, something can be done to reduce iscrpljiivanje adrenal gland without sacrificing enjoyment of coffee.They can be used adaptogenic herbs that help to balance the adrenal glands. At the same time, this plant reduces the effect of the exhaustion of adrenaline that occurs when regularly consumed coffee. Can, for example, to add a little coffee reishi mushroom powder or other medicinal plants. If you are exaggerating with coffee, it is necessary to help your hormonal system to normalize the secretion of adrenaline.

Recipe for a healthier coffee:
You will need: 
Organic coffee
spring water, alkaline
¼ teaspoon reishi mushroom powder (reduces the effect of caffeine)
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon (helps more even raising blood sugar levels)
coconut sugar or Stevia
1 teaspoon butter or coconut oil – (optional)

Brew coffee as you used to add ingredients that are listed.


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