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How To Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Condoms – 5 Easy Ways!


In the fast pacing societies we live in, filled with lust, sex, and one night stands, unwanted and unexpected pregnancies are a common topic among people around the whole world. This is often a result of many people not practicing safe sex by using condoms.

Sex without a protection (condom) is only considered okay when you have one sexual partner for a longer period of time. But having a long relationship doesn’t always mean that you’re ready to have children, so many people are wondering if there is a way that you can avoid pregnancy, in a long relationship without using a condom. And we’ve written an article to show you how.

Birth Control Pill

Going on the pill (if you’re a girl) can be a highly effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. These pills control the fertility of women. Consult with a doctor before using these pills.

Pull Out


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Before you ejaculate, pull the penis out of the vagina. Although this isn’t 100% safe to be used often, it can still save you sometimes.

Copper T

A great method for preventing unwanted pregnancy is using the effective copper T. It is an effective method that works by planting an implant device in the area around the uterus that prevents fertility. There are no side-effects, and if the partners decide to have children, the device can be removed.

Safe Week Sex

Try having sex when it is the safe week (8-th day of the 20-th day of woman’s cycle or in other words known as the first day of the period.


This is only advisable if you’re 100% sure that you don’t want to have children in their lives. If you’re not sure, we highly recommend you not to do this and use one of the methods above.

Using any of these methods are not 100% fertility-proof, but it will help you from time to time.


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