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How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Lemons In Your Home!

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Some citrus fruits can be easy to grow and some not. That is why one of them can be grown in your garden. You should check these useful tips for growing lemons.

If you grow them in your home, you will see and taste the difference in quality and freshness and your body will be free from chemical contamination elated to non-organic growing!

It is not important if you add them in your drinks or you use their peel it is convenient to grow them in your home.
You should buy a baby tree (2 to 3 years) in order to get the best results.

Take a plastic or clay pot (which have holes on the bottom), and it should be bigger than the actual root of the baby tree (because once the tree is matured, it could need a pot which is around 12 to 15 inches deep, and 17 to 20 inches in diameter).

Place the baby tree in the pot, and for improved air flow fill the drainage container using stones, add soil in the pot and remember that certain soils are specifically made for growing citrus fruits, and you can have better results.

This is basically the preparation you need. You should place it under sunlight 8 to 10 hours daily and do not overwater it. They need 6 to 9 months to become ripe, and once they have a complete color – you are ready.

If you want you can grow them from one seed.

In order to grow your lemon tree, you have to stick to the following tips:

  • Buy organic lemon because non-organic lemons usually contain seeds which are not germinating.
  • Fertile potting soil, usually the one that contains vermiculite, peat, natural fertilizers and perlite.
  • A planting pot which is 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep.
  • You need a seedling pot which is around 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep.
  • You need a sunny, indoor growing location or a grow lamp.

You should follow these steps for growing a lemon tree:

  1. The potting soil should be moist and damp, but it should not be soaked completely.
  2. Fill the smaller pot using soil. It should be filled all the way up to 1 inch below the rim.
  3. Cut the lemon and take one seed. Remove the pulp from the surface. You can do this by sucking on it until it is clean.
  4. You should not delay the planting process. The seed has to be moist when you bury it inthe soil. Now plant the seed around ½ an inch deep into the middle of the pot.
  5. Spray the soil which is above the seed using water and a spray bottle.
  6. With a plastic wrap cover the pot, and seal the edges using a rubber band, and just poke small holes on the top using a pencil.
  7. Put the pot in a sunny and warm location.
  8. Occasionally, spray some water. The soil should not be dry. Use water to splash though –the soil should be little bit moist.
  9. After around 2 weeks, once the sprout emerges, you should take the plastic covering off. If you need more light for the lemon plant, you should use a grow light in order to supplement light of the sun.
  10. The soil should be damp and it has to be 8 hours under light every day and you have to give it proper doses of organic fertilizer.
  11. Take care of the plant and be sure that it is not attacked by diseases or bugs. Prune off the dead and brown leaves and protect the new lemon tree!
  12. Once the plant outgrows the small pot you should transfer it in a larger pot. The almost same procedure has to be done. The younger plants have more water than the older plants; however they all do need adequate amount of water. You should not starve the poor plant.

These are the two simple ways to get tasty lemons without any trouble!


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