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How to use the new berries in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go has some new features, including two new types of berries, which you throw at the mini monsters you’re trying to catch. The nanab berry slows a Pokemon’s movements, whereas the pinap berry doubles the amount of candy you get from a capture. Here’s how to make the most out of each new candy.

Nanab berries

I don’t recommend replacing your razz berries with nanab berries in every fight just because they’re new. They have a specific place in your catching strategy.

This banana-looking berry is best for dodgers. Slowing down the Pokemon will make it easier for your ball to land and capture before the Pokemon has a chance to dodge.

Razz berries, on the other hand, are used to prevent those wily pocket monsters from breaking out of your ball. So, if you have a Pokemon that keeps escaping, it would be smart to use a razz instead of a nanab.

Another good time to use the nanab berry is when you’re up against a Pokemon known for running away, like Abra, which has a 99 percent flee rate. The berry can make a catch possible before the critter takes off.

Pinap Berry

Double the candy? Heck ya! Use this berry every time, right? Well, you’ll basically have to, since the pineapple look-alike berry only gives you double the candy if the throw right after the feeding captures the Pokemon. So, either you use this candy every time you throw or you just cross your fingers and hope the next throw is a catch.

Don’t waste your berries on common catches, though. The best time to use pinap berries is when you need just a few more candies for an evolution or if you have a rare Pokemon that you want to level. Save your berries for these instances. That way if the Pokemon is being stubborn, you can feed them a pinap every toss.

How do you pick a berry?

When the fight screen opens, there’s now a berry icon on the lower left of the screen. Tap on it and your berry choices will be displayed. Their quantities will also be listed in this pop-up. Just tap on the berry you want to use.

Can you stack berries?

Sorry! You can only use one berry for each throw. If you do try to stack, a red warning bubble pops up saying you already used a candy. So you need to make a choice. Do you need double the candy or do you need to keep the Pokemon from running? After all, you won’t get any candy at all if the critter gets away.

What if I forget which berry I used?

Yeah, I’m forgetful too. Luckily, the berry that’s active will appear right beside the CP of the Pokemon you’re trying to catch.

What if I literally drop the ball?

Butterfingers! Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. If you drop your Pokeball and it doesn’t hit the Pokemon, the candy is still active and you get another try. If you hit the monster and it doesn’t go into your ball, you’ll lose the candy.

Is catching ’em all more fun now?

The new berries certainly add a new dimension to Pokemon Go. While it isn’t the major change that players were waiting for — like trading or battling — it does add a little more strategy the game.


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