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It is official 5 minutes ago

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NianticLabs has given an official statement a few minutes ago

Hey players it will be a funny day today! They said to grab our phones and HUNT!

1st thing
is that it is official that Pokemon Go is released in Latin America. They have said that games in Rio will began with Pokemon Go all together :)) This is good catch and it is the right time to release this “virus” before the games in Rio. So lets go out on the sun and start catch Pokemons, this time in LATIN AMERICA.

2nd thing is that they had read and considered the feedback on the players about Battery Saver for iOS devices. They had removed it and in the next few days they will remove all the bugs in the system. That’s great news iPhone Lovers, RIGHT?!

3rd thing is about all Pokemon trainers. They said that they had caught some of the Legendary Pokemon. The trainers had helped them really in this case and they are really appreciating that.

To sum up they are expecting new countries releases and new features.

WE will be waiting to hear from them. Good hunt Good People

Pokemon24x7 team .. C’ya all



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