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Kate Middleton Was Reportedly ‘Very Hurt’ Over Queen Elizabeth’s Criticism About Lifestyle


Kate Middleton was reportedly very hurt because of Queen Elizabeth II’s previous criticism about her lifestyle.

Royal biographer Katie Nicholl revealed in her book, “The Making of a Royal Romance,” that the monarch was concerned about the Duchess of Cambridge’s lifestyle before she married Prince William. The Queen apparently found Middleton’s “frivolous displays of wealth unpalatable.”

At the time, Middleton had no full-time work and was always partying. She and her pals were always vacationing in Mustique, so much so that Middleton was dubbed “Queen of Mustique.”

According to Kayleigh Roberts, a journalist at Marie Claire, Middleton was reportedly “super hurt” by the comments of the Queen against her lifestyle. However, she was advised to “hold her tongue” because it’s never good to talk back to her future grandmother-in-law.

To help Middleton improve her reputation, the Queen advised her to get involved with Starlight, a charity that works with terminally ill children, and it seemed to do the trick. Queen Elizabeth II and Middleton’s relationship has since improved.

According to Ashley Pearson on the Amazon Prime documentary “William & Kate: The Journey,” Queen Elizabeth II is “very fond” of Middleton’s values. “She likes her middle-class values,” Pearson explained. “She likes that she’s close to her family.”

In addition, Middleton never tried to garner extra attention for herself. There’s nothing flashy or showy with the duchess.

“Kate tows the company line all the time, and that’s something that Queen Elizabeth very much wanted from Diana – which didn’t happen,” Pearson continued, adding that the monarch also wanted it from Sarah Ferguson but was disappointed by the Duchess of York.

However, some felt that the monarch loves Meghan Markle more than she does the Duchess of Cambridge. Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth II gave the Duchess of Sussex four patronages that include Association of Commonwealth Universities, animal charity Mayhew, Smart Works for unemployed women and The National Theater.

When Middleton just joined the royal family, Her Majesty only gave her one patronage, the Royal Foundation, and she shared the honor with Prince William and Prince Harry. A number of netizens were also disappointed with Middleton because she’s been with the royal family for eight years already but unlike Markle, she has done so little. One Twitter user even dubbed the Duchess of Cambridge “duchess do little.”


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