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Like Magic: This Man Revealed the Effects of Applying Toothpaste on your Face to Remove Acne! UNBELIEVABLE!


Ahh yes, acne, the bane of just about every single teenager going through puberty. Actually, it isn’t just them. There are plenty of people who experience breakouts even if they are already past their teenage years.

So just what causes acne? Some say that it’s genetic, some say that it’s hormonal, some say that it’s because of hygiene. One thing’s for sure though, no one likes having them on their face.

Here’s his face before discovering his trick:

The other thing about acne is that people will do just about anything to get rid of them. Countless skin care products, “natural” solutions, trips to the derma, all of that and more are used by desperate people who want to have flawless skin.

A netizen on Facebook named Ralph Jansen Quimson shared his trick on how to get rid of acne – and it involves toothpaste.

He said that he was so ashamed of his acne-riddled face that he refused to go outside.

Here he is now:

What did he use? Is it super rare and super imported? Does it cost thousands of pesos? Was there a doctor who helped him out with his problem? Was it through sheer willpower and nonstop prayer? Did he get a new face or something?

Well, here’s his answer:

Yup, toothpaste. Who would’ve thought that the best way to clean your teeth is also the best way to clean your face? 

Actually, there are plenty of people who use toothpaste to remove acne as it is known that toothpaste contains an ingredient that can suck the moisture out of pimples. Although, it is advised to use plain toothpaste and not anything that contains whiteners or some other chemical. 


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