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Only a few lucky ones have guardian angel line on the palm: Do you have it?

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There is an old adage that connects the lifeline of a palm with that of a very few lucky men. Such people never face any bad luck, and always find joy in their lives.

But it rarely happens that you will find these lines on a palm. These lines are also referred to as guardian angel lines. Such a lucky person is protected by some guardian angel. It is also referred to as “line of Mars.” There is a second line, which is known as the “life line.”

If you have this line on your palm, you will be considered to be too lucky. You are highly likely to get out of life-threatening accidents and natural disasters, enjoy great health, live a prosperous life, and can get through all difficulties in life without any trouble.


If you are among the lucky few who have been gifted with this line, you should be thankful to your God who has bestowed his grace on you by keeping the guardian angel on your head.

When this line is parallel with your lifeline through across its length, this is another positive sign. You are an exceptionally lucky person who is always protected by your guardian angel for your entire life.

If you have a tiny part of the line that passes close to the lifeline, you can come across some problems in your life, which gradually pass away. This line is hardly visible as a trace.

If it is on your right hand, it means you are under the protection of your guardian angel. It is provided as a gift to those who have accomplished many personal pursuits.

If it is on your left hand, the protection of your guardian angel comes to you from your time of birth.


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