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Meghan Markle said she’ll bring the “whole” family to Morocco next time and people think she’s having twins


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be welcoming their baby in around two months time… or should we say babies, after something the Duchess said in Morocco yesterday led people to believe she was hinting at multiple children.

Over the weekend, Meghan and Harry made their last overseas royal tour before coming parents, attending various official engagements in Morocco. One of the events was a visit to a cooking programme for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, where the couple tasted food cooked by award-winning Moroccan chef, Chef Moha.

At the end of the engagement, Meghan and Chef Moha exchanged cookbooks (Meghan gave him one of her ‘Together’ cookbooks which she created in partnership with The Hubb community kitchen) and the chef said he’d like to cook for her again when she next visited Morocco.

In a video captured by ITV News’ royal producer, Lizzie Robinson, the Duchess responds: “Yes! The whole family next time” while looking down at her bump.

What’s stirred speculation is Meghan’s choice of words, saying “the whole family”, which some people suggest indicates more than just ‘a baby’.

One Twitter user responded, writing: “See! The chef tells her to come back with the two babies. I’m betting on twins. Boy & Girl.”

With such little information known about baby Sussex – we’re still none-the-wiser on its gender, specific due date or anything else – it’s paved the way for intense speculation and some serious reading into things.

Who knows? Maybe by “the whole family”, Meghan meant herself, Harry, their baby and her mum, Doria, who’s likely to play a prominent role in the upbringing of the child.

Or the Duchess might well have been alluding to multiple children when she told the chef she’d bring “the whole family” next time, but perhaps she meant in future when she and Harry’s family is complete.

Or, of course, maybe Harry and Meghan are expecting more than one baby, and she just let it slip by accident. We won’t know exactly what the truth is until the baby (or babies) is born around April time, but one thing’s for certain – it’s not the first time the public has suspected the royal mum-to-be is pregnant with twins.


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