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Mother Of Armed Black Man Shot Dead By Police Has 8 Unbelievable Words For Cop-Haters


A black drug dealer was recently shot dead by Ohio police after fleeing arrest and pulling a gun on pursuing officers. However, when his grieving mother was interviewed by eager reporters, she directly addressed black people who protest law enforcement officers and offered 8 simple words that no one expected.

Although 91 percent of murdered blacks are killed by a member of their own race, the left chooses to focus on the 28 who are killed by police officers on average per year to further their own biased agenda. By using liberal propaganda to automatically demonize officers who use force against black criminals, the left elicits a knee-jerk response from the black community against law enforcement.

When Cyrida Levison heard that her notorious drug-dealing son, Antonio Levison, had been neutralized after pulling a firearm on Cleveland police officers, the mainstream media likely anticipated that she would condemn the officers for taking her offspring’s life away. Possibly hoping for their next Black Lives Matter poster child, the cameras intently focused on Cyrida when she was asked for her thoughts on her 33-year-old son’s untimely death. Incredibly, the grieving mother’s following response was not at all what the mainstream media desired.

WOIO reports that when asked what she would tell others in the wake of her son’s death by police officers, Cyrida looked at the cameras and unhesitantly told black people to stop “running from the police” and “shooting at the police” before explaining that the officers were rightfully doing their job because her son was being “real ignorant.”

“Please, put these guns down. Take it from a mother that knows… It’s not worth losing your life running from the police, shooting at the police. You’ve got families…My son was a street person. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth your life. Trust me,” she said. “You’re invincible to your friends – whoever carries guns – you’re invincible to your friends. You’re not invincible to the police. Because the police are trained to kill. And if you take your gun out, you’re going to get killed. Like my son,” she said.

Admirably, Cyrida acknowledged on Thursday that the police officers had done everything in their power to avoid shooting her son but ultimately had no choice once Antonio pointed a firearm at them, according to Blue Lives Matter.


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“It’s not their fault. They were doing their jobs. They had to do what they had to do. My son pulled the gun on them. So that’s what happened. They had to do what they had to do to protect themselves,” Cyrida said.

Cyrida described Antonio as a “drug dealer” and explained that she had repeatedly warned him up until his death that he was going to end up “in the morgue.” She hopes her message will reach the ears of anyone living a life of crime, and that her son’s outcome will serve as a wake-up call to those defying the law.

“I told my son I’m not trying to identify your body. Here it is Wednesday, I’m identifying my son’s body. That’s a message right there,” the mother said. “But look where you’re at now. You’re not even with me. You’re gone. You’re in a morgue, with a tag on your foot,” she said. “I can’t bring my son back. I didn’t want it to end like this. I wanted to hear my son’s laugh… October 25th 2017 is when my son’s life was taken from him, because he was being real ignorant. And I’m sorry to say that. And I love my son. But there’s nothing I can do. I can’t bring him back.”

According to, Antonio was running from police on Wednesday afternoon when he tripped and fell, dropping a handgun before getting up and fleeing again. After police caught up with him in the backyard of a home, Antonio pulled out a second handgun and pointed it at officers, who proceeded to shoot him. An officer administered first aid until an ambulance arrived. Antonio was later pronounced dead at University Hospital.

Despite experiencing the worst feeling a mother could possibly suffer, Cyrida didn’t attempt to use her son’s death in order to point the finger at the police. In fact, she not only refuted passing the buck to officers who were unfortunately charged with making a split-second decision to protect themselves or die, she also seized the opportunity to try to save others. Through the loss of her son, she spoke truth and wisdom that, if followed, could save the lives of thousands of black people each year.

Not only did Cyrida plead with young people to stop turning to criminal lifestyles, she clarified that, in the event of an arrest, comply with the police. She knows that if her son had only cooperated with the officers, he would be alive — most likely in prison, but alive.

The left’s anti-police propaganda and fear-mongering have further endangered lives by provoking blacks to resist arrest and flee from pursuing officers. Of course, this will only produce disastrous results, as Antonio unfortunately discovered. Hopefully, Cyrida’s words and her son’s story will serve as a testimony to those condemning law enforcement officials for simply doing their jobs.


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