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Natural Home Remedy for Ingrown Toenails

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Are you fed up of those ingrown toenails? Have you tried everything and failed as they keep repeating time and again? Its time you tried a natural home remedy for the problem! Find out what causes ingrown toenails and how to treat them naturally.

Causes behind Ingrown Nails

When you nail starts growing into the skin, it results in ingrown nail. The big toe is the most common site to suffer from this problem. How do you know its ingrown toenail than something else? It’s swollen, it’s red, and it’s painful! It’s also soft and can contract infections fast!


So What Causes Ingrown Nails?

There could be any number of causes:

  • Improperly trimmed nails
  • Excessively tight socks or footwear
  • Just bad luck!
So how to treat them!

You can find several over the counter products to treat your ingrown nails. Most of them are loaded with chemical compounds. But you should choose those that contain natural ingredients. The safe products include menthol, tea tree oil, and other natural oils.

Homemade Natural Remedy

Prepare this natural homemade remedy to treat your ingrown toenails:

  • Take 2 gal. of boiling water in a bowl
  • Add 2-3 tbsp of ocean / Epsom salt
  • Mix well and soak the foot for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash and dry the foot
  • Repeat once or twice for a few days

While the boiling water will help soothe the swollen skin, the salt will fight infection and further reduce swelling.

Alternative Remedy
  • Add 1 tbsp ocean salt or ordinary salt to 1 L tepid water
  • Soak a clean cloth and apply onto your toenails for 15 minutes

Repeat the procedure 1 or 2 times per day until the swelling and pain vanishes.

Push some cotton under the infected toenail and gently lift it. This is going to push the nail outwards, thus stopping it from further growing into the soft skin!

Any Precautions!

Even when using these natural home remedies, it’s recommended to take a few precautions.

  • Relax your feet
  • Avoid tight footwear and socks because they can aggravate things
  • Avoid socks as much as possible and choose right-sized footwear
  • Pare your nails carefully and properly or get your nails pared professionally

Toenail Cutting Tip – It’s recommended to cut the toenails straight diagonally. Make sure the outer edges are always parallel to the adjoining skin.

Source: Healthy Bio Food


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