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New ‘Pokemon Go’ Update Adds New Incubator, Fixes Several Major Bugs

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A new Pokemon Go update is coming later this week, likely in preparation for the upcoming addition of “Exclusive Raids.” While we covered the biggest news (that is, the addition of Gen 3 Pokemon to the game’s code) last night, there’s still a lot of other changes in store for Pokemon Go fans when the update actually goes live later this week. The update contains new items, bug fixes, and some intriguing hints about the future of Shiny Pokemon. 

So what surprises are in store for Pokemon Go fans? Scroll on down to find out:

Super Incubator

The new update contains several more items related to the Super Incubator, a new type of egg incubator added to Pokemon Go‘s code during the last update. The Super Incubator will allow players to hatch eggs at a much faster rate by decreasing the amount of kilometers players need to travel.

Although it’s unclear whether the Super Incubator will actually be “added” to the game with this update, new image assets have been added to the game, so it’s technically ready to go. You can check out a first look at the Super Incubator below:

EggIncubatorSuper Activated

Interestingly enough, Pokemon Go also updated the image assets for the game’s other two incubators, probably to help players differentiate between the different types more easily.

Multiple Bug Fixes

As with every update, Pokemon Go has fixed several frustrating bugs related to different aspects of gameplay. The biggest issue resolved is a patch for the “un-favoriting” bug that occurred when players remotely fed their Pokemon berries at gyms. While this action would previously un-favorite a Pokemon, which in turn would leave it vulnerable to accidential transfers, players can now feed their Pokemon berries at their leisure.

Other bugs fixed in the new update include a cooldown for Raid notifications, so that players don’t get spammed with notifications when multiple raids are nearby, and several network error and memory fixes to help streamline the game.

Shiny Rework

Outside of the Gen 3 addition, the most intriguing change made in the new update are some tweaks to Shiny Pokemon. For one thing, the sparkles surrounding Shiny Pokemon are now much more prominent, likely to help players know which Pokemon are Shiny and which aren’t.

There’s also a new line of code related to “Shiny Spawn” effects, which potentially means that players will now be able to see when a Shiny Pokemon spawns in the game. Previously, the only way to find a Shiny Pokemon was to actually enter the game’s encounter screen.

Clearly, Shiny Pokemon are going to continue to be a “thing” in Pokemon Go, and could be used as a holdover while the game preps for the next generation of Pokemon.

Other Changes

Other more minor changes in the upcoming update include:

  • The ability to search Pokemon by their move type (which is perfect for Raids!)
  • A new line of code related to Ditto, possibly hinting that Ditto will appear as more Pokemon soon.
  • AR additions, potentially laying the groundwork for future AR features in the game.

Interestingly, Pokemon Go has not formally announced the new update, but it’s expected to roll out later this week.


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