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New update revealed as fans get ready for Legendary Raids launch

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POKEMON GO news this week has revealed a new update is being worked on by Niantic, who also appear close to launching Legendary-type Raids into the game.

While fans will still be getting to grips with the latest Pokemon Go Raids update, Niantic look set to release even more in the coming weeks.

The support team have confirmed as much on Reddit, although what the new update will include is a little less exciting.

It appears that Niantic are planning to launch a new technical patch for the game, to help with some of performance issues on Apple and Android devices.

After being asked about possible fixes for the heavy data usages incurred following the Gyms update, a Niantic support team member revealed: “We are aware of this concern.

“In the short term, I know the team has dedicated some time in the next few weeks to make improvements to performance and resource handling.

“At this point, I’m not sure to what extent these improvements will result in a reduction in data usage versus a reduction in crashes. But please know that this is on our radar.”

It’s far less exciting than taking on a Tyranitar, one of the big Raid bosses available so far in Pokemon Go, with a CP in the 34k range.

This could be topped in the near future though, with dataminers reporting more evidence that a Pokemon Go Legendary Raids launch is growing closer.

Two new items found in a recent code build appear to confirm the addition of Legendary raid eggs, as well as a medal featuring Lugia, a Legendary Pokemon.

There have also been reports of a banner being posted on the App Store, advertising the release of the first Legendary Pokemon.

It’s not possible to verify if this is real, although it would fit in with everything we already know about Niantic’s summer plans.

It seems with all the building evidence, a Legendary launch during Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago is very possible.

The map of the Festival grounds has already confirmed that there will an Ultimate Gym, another possible nod to a new global event happening on July 22.

Pokemon Go Fest was announced by Niantic earlier this year and will be the first of a new range of global events that fans can enjoy.


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