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Next Colbert tackles Russia’s Pokemon Go hack: ‘I’m hoping Robert Mueller is gonna catch ’em all’

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Responding to reports that Russia’s election-meddling hackers targeted Pokemon Go, Late Night‘s Stephen Colbert said on Friday that in hindsight, “we should have seen this coming.”

“After all, a ‘Squirtle’ isn’t just a Pokemon — it’s also what Trump requested in that Russian hotel room,” he said, referencing the infamous “golden showers” dossier to applause and laughter from the audience and his band.

“If only there was someone who could have warned us how important this was,” Colbert said, cutting to a campaign clip of Hillary Clinton imploring a crowd to “‘Pokemon Go’ to the polls.”

“So they hacked her too,” he said. “If only she’d Pokemon Gone to Michigan and Wisconsin.”

He had one more Pokemon-related pun left in him, however.

“Who knows how this whole Russia thing is gonna play out,” Colbert concluded. “But I’m hoping Robert Mueller is gonna ‘catch ’em all.”

Watch Colbert display his knowledge of the popular anime franchise below.


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