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Niantic release major update as fans prepare for Moltres event end

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POKEMON GO news this week includes another major update release from Niantic, while fans prepare for the end of the mini Moltres event and the start of Zapdos phase.

A big Pokemon update will be followed by the launch of Zapdos

A new Pokemon Go update has been launched by Niantic this week, which is going to prove very popular with European players.
Since the start, certain Pokemon have been made exclusive to certain regions around the world.
And now it appears that Niantic are ready to change things up a little.

Starting today, Niantic are set to allow both Kangaskhans and Unowns to spawn in certain European cities, up until August 21.

“While you’re out looking for these Pokemon, consider stopping by your local Unibail-Rodamco shopping center,” a message from Niantic teases.

“In addition to being a great place to find these Pokémon, we’ve heard that Lure Modules will be activated at many PokéStops found at these locations throughout the weekends of August 12 and August 19.

We’ve heard that as early as this weekend, some Pokemon rarely seen in Europe, including Kangaskhan and Unown, may begin appearing in certain European cities. This unusual occurrence is predicted to last until August 21.”
It appears the new launches are tied to nearly every major capital city in Europe, a list of confirmed locations can be found at the bottom of this article.
Nothing has been confirmed for the United States and this new Pokemon Go Event looks to be a form of compensation for the delayed Safari Zones that were supposed to go live.

While this will make a welcome boost for Pokemon Go players in the 45 locations confirmed, there are also other big event happening in the coming days.

This will also be the last weekend in which Pokemon Go players will be able to go out and catch Moltres.

As confirmed by Niantic, Team Mystic’s Articuno was released on Saturday, July 22 and was removed from the game on Monday, July 31.


  • Vienna, Austria
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Helsinki, Finland
    Dijon, France
    Lille, France
    Lyon, France
    Marseille, France
    Nice, France
    Paris, France
    Rennes, France
    Berlin, Germany
    Bochum, Germany
    Gera, Germany
    Leipzig, Germany
    Mönchengladbach, Germany
    Munich, Germany
    Oberhausen, Germany
    Recklinghausen, Germany
    Milan, Italy
    Naples, Italy
    Rome, Italy
    Oslo, Norway
    Warsaw, Poland
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Bratislava, Slovakia
    Badajoz, Spain
    Barcelona, Spain
    Cádiz, Spain
    Madrid, Spain
    Sevilla, Spain
    San Sebastián, Spain
    Valencia, Spain
    Valladolid, Spain
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Zürich, Switzerland
    Almere, The Netherlands
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Leidschendam, The Netherlands
    Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
    Belfast, United Kingdom
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Cardiff, United Kingdom
    Glasgow, United Kingdom
    London, United Kingdom
    Manchester, United Kingdom

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