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Official Pokemon Go Ring Accessory Launching Soon In Japan


Pokemon Go will soon have an official ring accessory. The handheld trinket is designed as a different way of holding the Pokemon Go Plus device, and it launches tomorrow, July 15, in Japan.

The ring lets you control Pokemon Go from the palm of your hand rather than just your wrist. In addition, a number of new decals–in the style of Great, Ultra, and Master Balls–have been revealed. Take a look at the accessory and the new skins below (via Serebii).

The ring–which doesn’t include the Pokemon Go Plus device itself–costs ¥400 (around $3.50), though it’s unclear if it will ever make its way to the west. The original $35 Pokemon Go Plus did launch in the US, Europe, and Australia, following a delay, though it sold out in its pre-sale phase and was subsequently difficult to obtain for many months after launch.


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The Plus is a wearable device that alerts you of nearby PokeStops and allows you to catch Pokemon without reaching for your phone. However, its functionality is limited compared to the fully-fledged game: you can’t catch any Pokemon you haven’t previously obtained, for example.

In other news about the hit game, a number of Pokemon Go live events begin this month. There are a bunch of sites hosting Pokemon parties, from Chicago in the US to Chester in the UK to Paris in France. Take a look at the full list here.

Developer Niantic is already hosting a special in-game event to commemorate Pokemon Go’s first anniversary. For a limited time, players can have a chance to capture a special Pikachu wearing Ash’s iconic hat from the animated series. The event is going on now and runs until July 24. The developer has also teased that this may be the summer that Legendary Pokemon finally come to the game, though no specific details have been announced.


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