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Pokemon GO: Ampharos Learns Exclusive Move for Community Day


A couple of weeks ago, Niantic announced that the next Community Day for Pokemon GO would feature Mareep and take place on April 15. We knew that anyone who evolved a Flaaffy into an Ampharos during the Mareep Community Day would unlock an exclusive move, but until now, we didn’t know what that move would be.
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As announced by Niantic, the exclusive move that Ampharos can learn during the Mareep Community Day in Pokemon GO is Dragon Pulse. This powerful move should make the electric-type Pokemon more versatile, and could even be a reference to its mega evolution, which is a dual electric and dragon-type Pokemon.

Anyone that wants to add an Ampharos with Dragon Puse to their Pokemon GO collection will need to participate in the Mareep Community Day on April 15. The Mareep Community Day will take place on April 15 from 11am to 2pm PST, and will feature a sharp increase in the Mareep population, along with some other goodies.

Besides giving players the chance to catch an Ampharos that knows Dragon Pulse, the Mareep Community Day will also see the addition of shiny Mareep to the game. Furthermore, players will be able to hatch eggs four times faster than usual, so for example, a 10km egg will hatch at 2.5km. Players will also be able to enjoy three hour lure modules, so just one should last the entirety of Mareep Community Day and maximize the number of Pokemon that can be caught during the event.

Catching all these Mareep should also help players complete some of the Field Research tasks that will be available on Mareep Community Day as well. Many of the Field Research tasks revolve around catching X number of Pokemon, and with Mareep as far as the eye can see, completing those quests should be no problem at all come April 15.


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