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Pokemon Go Articuno UPDATE: Legendary new Field Research quests about to go live


POKEMON Go fans only have a few hours left to capture current Legendary Zapdos.

Pokemon Go fans will soon be able to capture a new Legendary Pocket Monster without participating in a Raid.

The next batch of Pokemon Go Field Research tasks go live at 9pm UK time later today (June 1).

For the next month, Field Research Quests will shift the focus to Water-type Pokemon such as Seel, Kingler and Horsea.

Best of all, earning enough stamps for a Research Breakthrough unlocks an encounter with the Legendary Articuno.

“Get ready for more Field Research tasks and exciting rewards in June! On June 1 at 1pm PDT, a brand-new set of Field Research tasks focusing on Water-type Pokemon will become available,” reads a Niantic post.

“These tasks will particularly highlight Water-type Pokemon such as Seel, Kingler and Horsea.”

“If you’re able to earn enough stamps for your Research Breakthrough, you’ll have the opportunity to catch the Legendary Ice-and-Flyting-type Pokemon Articuno!”


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The only downside is that Trainers only have a few hours to try and capture current Field Research Legendary Zapdos.

“If you haven’t caught the Legendary Electric-and-Flying-type Pokemon Zapdos, work toward a Research Breakthrough this week before it goes away!” Niantic continues.

“So get out there and conduct some cool research next month.”

June also sees the return of Pokemon Go Community Day, which takes place on June 16.

Ideal for anybody looking to capture the powerful Tyranitar, the next Community Day focuses on Larvitar.

Pokemon Go Community Day events also feature a wealth of other bonuses.

Lures last for the duration of Community Day events, giving players a better chance of catching a Shiny Pokemon.

The next event will reward players with triple XP for catching Pokemon, while past events have featured extra Stardust and reduced hatching distances for eggs.

Trainers can also learn a special move exclusive to the Community Day event.



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