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Pokémon GO Calculator Shows How Long Till You Can Reach Level 40; Spoilers: It Takes Years!

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Pokémon GO Level 40 is an unreachable star. It’s not just because it’s difficult, but also because getting from Level 39 to 40 already requires 5 million XP (experience points). A nifty tool like Pokémon GO Level Speed Calculator will tell you how long till you can reach the coveted Level 40. Don’t be surprised, though, if it says you will reach that level in year 2025.

Pokémon GO calculator tells you how far you still need to go

Paul Tassi is a tech writer and avid Pokémon GO player. He is at Level 27 and he wondered how long it would take him to reach Level 40. He stumbled upon the Level Speed Calculator. The online tool allows users to see how long it will take them to reach the highest level at their current pace.

Players enter their current XP, the number of days they’ve played Pokémon GO game so far, and their target level. Tassi had 1,060,000 XP and had been playing for 180 days. When he calculated his level, he was sorely disappointed to learn that he was going to get to Level 40 after 3,243 days or eight years and a few months. For Tassi, that meant 2025.

Tassi published his depressing numbers on Forbes and said that the game’s leveling system should be adjusted or tweaked. Many players raised the same concern. After all, they couldn’t spend every hour of the day playing Pokémon GO. Others had been desperate enough to use hacks to reach higher levels.

Pokémon GO Plus will be released this March to help players

Niantic, the game’s developer, decided to alleviate the player’s struggles. The company will release the Pokémon GO Plus back on the Nintendo online store. Express UK reported that it will be available on March, but that players can pre-order the device. No doubt it will sell quickly.

The Pokémon GO Plus trackers will alert the player if there’s a new Pokémon nearby. Users can catch them by just clicking on the device’s button. Unfortunately, the device is limited to only one purchase per customer.

With this device, users are hoping they can level up quickly. The best way to find out whether you’re just months or years away from reaching Level 40 is to use the Pokémon GO calculator. Generally, you need 20 million XP to reach the top level. If your life revolves around something other than Pokémon GO, then expect to reach Level 40 in ten years or so.


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