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Pokemon Go Community Day update: Final secret revealed ahead of big event

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POKEMON Go fans can unlock a very special reward as part of the upcoming Charnander Community Day event.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed more about this weekend’s Community Day event.

Taking place from 10am UK time until 1pm, the upcoming Community Day event focuses on Charmander.

Fans will be able to capture more of the fire-type Pokemon for the duration of the three-hour event.

But the real appeal is the ability to evolve Charmander into Charmeleon and potentially even Charizard.

And with the event just a few days away, Niantic has finally announced the exclusive special move available to fans.

Evolving a Charmeleon into a Charizard unlocks the exclusive Blast Burn move – but only if the evolution takes place during event hours.

Other bonuses include 3× Catch Stardust rewards, as well as 3-hour Lures.

And if past events are anything to go by, some lucky fans will unlock a Shiny version of Charmander.

The Charmander Community Day event will give the red and yellow teams a chance to get some revenge on the blue team.

The blues of Team Mystic have tended to dominate past Community Day events, although there are signs that they’re starting to lose ground.

Team Mystic would capture the most Pokemon in the last event, but the yellows of Team Instinct and blues of Team Valor would score regional victories.

Team Instinct captured the most Mareeps in North America, while the reds of Team Valor were the victors in Asia. Team Mystic won in Europe, South America, Africa and Oceania.

The debut Community Day event was fairly evenly split between Team Mystic in blue and Team Valor in red.

Team Valor would capture more Surf Pikachus in Europe and Asia, while Team Mystic would gain victory in North and South America, Africa and Oceania. The yellows of Team Instinct, meanwhile, wouldn’t get a look in.

But things wouldn’t be quite so even in the Dratini event. The reds of Team Valor would gain victory in Oceania, while Team Mystic dominated every other region.

Once again, Team Instinct was nowhere to be seen.


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