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‘Pokémon GO’ Just Dealt Spoofers A Huge Blow, And Paved The Way For Mass Shinies


Usually it’s only major Pokémon GO updates that catch the eye of the public, but in the wake of the recent Easter Eggstravaganza event, Niantic has quietly implemented something to bring the hammer down on a common spoofing tactic.

In short, what Niantic has done is randomize IV, movesets, height and weight data for wild Pokémon for each trainer level up to 25.

What that means in practical terms is that if a Pokémon spawns for you at level 23 and for your friend at level 18, they will be completely different from one another in almost every way. Previously, their IV and moves would have been the same, even if their CP was different.

What that means for spoofers is that a common tactic, which uses scanners to hunt down Pokémon with the best IV/movesets in the wild, is now practically useless because from levels 1-25 (where most low-level spoofer accounts will be) the data will be randomized on a per level basis and more or less pointless.


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This is Niantic’s third experiment with combating spoofers in recent weeks, as previously they implemented a change that brought the hammer down on a common Android spoofing system, and they introduced Shiny Magikarp, which are unique spawns by player, and cannot be easily located and caught by spoofers.

What this randomization mechanic implies is that in addition to its ability to fight spoofers, it’s possible that we could see a more massive shiny rollout fairly soon, if spawns are going to be randomized per player now. We might not be all the way there yet, but the groundwork has been put in place for such an addition to the game, if Niantic chooses to do that. I can, however, imagine a situation where shinies continue to trickle out for special occasions like we saw with Magikarp, rather than being dumped all at once. But with ~235 Pokémon and more to come, maybe larger batches will be needed at some point.

It’s nice to see that Niantic is taking the spoofing issue seriously and really starting to crack down hard in ways that don’t have a negative impact on normal players. If they’re going to go ahead with their large gym rework that’s supposedly planned for the next few months, continuing to hamstring spoofers with super IV/moveset Pokémon is essential to that process.

I doubt this will be the last thing Niantic does to fight spoofing, but it may end up being the most significant thing they’ve done to date. At least for now, it certainly seems Super Effective.


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