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‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: Safety Net Increases Niantic’s Fight Against Hackers, Rooted Devices…

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Niantic continues to find ways to level the playing field on “Pokemon Go” and another jab could be forthcoming with ‘Safety Net’. This is the same system used in NFC wireless payment systems which will now aid the game developer in pinning down modified systems.

Niantic was cracking the whip on players who were playing “Pokemon Go” on jailbroken iOS devices or rooted Android gadgets. In the case of Safety Net, such will help Niantic to view which are being played on authentic devices and the ones running on CyanogenMod.

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“Pokemon Go” Latest Updates Includes Safety Net?

Safety Net seems to cover only Android devices and may likely be added to the latest “Pokemon Go” updates being rolled out by Niantic. This could all be seen through the potential changes on encryptions, notably something that would be different from 0.37 and 0.39, Slash Gear reported.

Unlike iOS updates which can be held off for later, the “Pokemon Go” update will need to be applied before players can go and carry out their augmented reality play. In short, there is no playing “Pokemon Go” if the version is below 0.39.0.

Workarounds Still Being Done:

Despite the new play, some players will stubbornly look for a way to work around it. Considering that Niantic has covered almost all bases, folks who want to play “Pokemon Go” may end up having no choice but to go with the flow.

Will it Add to Lowered Active Player Numbers?

Back in July, Bloomberg noted the rapid decline of active “Pokemon Go” players. Much was attributed to the ban on third-party apps which aided gamers during its infancy stages.

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With Safety Net in play, there is a big chance that the number of active players may decrease – with reference to the ones playing “Pokemon Go” on rooted devices. New numbers showing that could come out soon.


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