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Pokemon Go news: Mewtwo Raid update, Moltres takedown, new Gym reveal


POKEMON GO news this week includes a big Mewtwo Raid update, a major Moltres takedown and a new Gym reveal.

Trainers around the world have finally got their hands on some of the first Legendary Pokemon promised by Niantic.

It’s taken a lot longer than more expected but fans can now battle the likes of Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno at their local Gyms.

As already confirmed by the development team, these new special Raids are available on a timed basis, with Zapdos being the last to go live.

That should happen on August 7, with Moltres being switched out by the Team Instinct mascot, who will then disappear on August 14.

There’s still a question mark on what is going to happen with Lugia, and the game’s other remaining Legendary-types.

Dataminers recently discovered that five Legendary Pokemon just had their base capture stats removed.

This could mean that the likes of a Mewtwo Pokemon Go Raid is a long way off, although Niantic are known to play around with the game quite a lot.

Here’s what the team Pokemon Go Hub think of the latest changes: “We were not surprised to see BCR removed for Mewtwo and Legendary Beasts, but Ho-Oh caught us off guard, as we’re quite certain he should be available on the Yokohama Pokemon GO Stadium event.

“Again, take this with a grain of salt. It’s not uncommon for Niantic to change these values back on short notice, much like it happened the morning before GO Fest, when Legendary Bird BCRs were added.”

The Pokemon that saw their base capture rates disappear, includes: Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei and Suicune.

Pokemon Go has seen some serious upheavals over the past few months, what with the big Gym revamp, Raids launch and Legendary reveals.

And it appears that some of these new features are still very much a work in progress.

The latest Pokemon Go update rolled out earlier this week and provided the game with some much needed bug fixes, ahead of Moltres switching out with Articuno.

But there was also one that has now been discovered to have a much bigger impact.

“Resolved a motivation decay bug impacting Pokémon with less than 3,000 CP,” was part of version 0.69.1 for Android and 1.39.1 for iOS devices rolled out earlier this week.

The team at Pokemon Go Hub has revealed more on the new bug fix, confirming that Gym turnover looks set to increase dramatically.

“We’ve observed a huge increase in motivation decay, roughly 1.35% – 1.5% every 10 minutes, resulting (on average) in a 10% motivation loss per hour,” PoGo Hub explain.


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