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Pokemon Go news: This new update will get fans ready for the toughest Raids


POKEMON GO news this week has revealed a new update that fans will want to use before tackling the game’s toughest Raids.

So far, we know that Pokemon Go has five tier-levels for Raids, each one harder than the last.

While tier 1 will see you take on the likes of Magikarp, tier 4 is another matter.

Tyranitar is one of the big bosses available so far in Pokemon Go, with a CP in the 34k range making him a challenge for even the best Trainers.

And while some can take him on pretty well, others may need more time.

At any time during a big boss battle, you can flee to heal your Pokemon using Potions or Revives and then rejoin the battle.


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And a new Pokemon Go update may have revealed a great new way to build up your supplies before the toughest Raid.

Following a new combination discovered by Trainers, it’s been revealed that up to 28 items can be earned from a single Gym visit.

One player has found that by having a Gold badge, control of the Gym and their 7-day streak active, they were able to get a big haul.

Reddit user reneritchie explains: “Got the gold badge in the last couple of days (there was no notification so I’m not sure when exactly), but either way, it was in time for my 7-day streak today, and it’s a gym I’m on, so team control bonus folded in as well.”

This visit added these items to the Trainer’s Pokemon Go stash:

  • 1x Sun Stone
  • 2 x Ultra Ball
  • 1x Great Ball
  • 3x Potion
  • 1x Great Potion
  • 13x Poké Ball
  • 2x Razz Berry
  • 2x Pinap Berry
  • 1x Revive
  • 2x Nanab Berry

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