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Pokemon Go Raid bosses just got a serious boost following Mewtwo and Zapdos news

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POKEMON GO Raid bosses are about to get tougher following the news that Mewtwo, Zapdos, Lugia, Moltres and Articuno are being unleashed.

It appeared that things were about to calm down a little when it came to Pokemon Go Raid bosses.

August has seen a steady succession of new Legendary birds to battle, each one lasting a week and giving trainers the chance to fill out their poxedexes.

However, while Zapdos was on schedule to end this week, Niantic decided instead to turn the available Raid bosses up a notch in difficulty.

It has now been confirmed that for the rest of the month Pokemon Go players will be able to face against all four Legendary birds, instead of just two.

“Over the past three weeks, thousands of Legendary Pokémon have been defeated in Raid Battles around the world,” a statement from Niantic explains.

“In celebration of this achievement and to give Trainers another chance to catch Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia, all four of these Legendary Pokémon can be battled in Raid Battles from August 14 through August 31.

“Be on the lookout for these Legendary Pokémon at a raid near you.”

It will be the first time that all four tier 5 bosses will be available in Gyms, although the changes don’t stop there.

Niantic also released Mewtwo as part of the recent Pokemon Go Stadium event in Japan.

While all the Trainers who attended got a chance to take part in the Pokemon Go Mewtwo raid,it won’t be their last.

That’s because Niantic plan to release the devastating psychic-type worldwide in the coming weeks.

The format will be a little different, with Niantic requiring players to beat a normal Raid battle before unlocking the chance to face Mewtwo.

Here’s the official explanation: “Earlier today, Trainers battled against the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo at the Pokémon GO Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan.

“Thousands of Trainers in attendance were able to successfully catch Mewtwo and add it to their Pokédexes. In the coming weeks, you, too, will have the opportunity to battle and catch Mewtwo with the new Exclusive Raid Battle feature.

“Exclusive Raid Battles are similar to existing Raid Battles, with a few notable differences. Exclusive raids will periodically appear at Gyms around the world; however, unlike existing raids, Trainers will be invited to join an Exclusive Raid Battle.


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