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Pokemon GO Raid COUNTDOWN: Moltres Legendary to be replaced by Zapdos as Lugia stays


POKEMON GO Legendary Raid Pokemon Moltres is set to be replaced by Zapdos in the coming days, as good news is revealed for fans on Lugia.


Pokemon GO players have only two more days to catch Moltres and with one of those being a working day, we think it’s fairer to say Pokemon GO players have (sort of) one more day to catch the Legendary Bird.
As time grows short you may find in desperation trying to take on Moltres with smaller and smaller groups, and while two players have shown it is possible with a party size of two, it’s also worth remembering they were both level 40 with an army of powerful Golem’s.

“Moltres will be a fairly easy Legendary to counter as water Pokemon are fairly easily obtainable and many of you have loaded up on rock Pokemon from the recent event.” explains Redditor, ADD_ikt.

Here’s a small bit of the analysis from ADD_ikt.

How to win without rejoining
Probably will need at least 4 trainers. 6 golems/omastar each. If you don’t have that many, anchor the team with Tyranitars, or Vaporeon (no more than 1 Vap).

How to trio (somewhat realistically)
It is near impossible to do it without rejoining the battle at least once. Instead, your team should consist of as many Golems/Omastars as possible. If you can even get a team of 6 Golems/Omastars per trio, then switch quickly to Tyranitars and Vaporeon. It should be possible to win within the time limit!

How to duo (extremely challenging, try trio first, not recommended but if you can do it, post it!)
For duo, you will need ~11 Golems each (throw in an Omastar with Rock moves if you can).

It’s well worth checking out the Reddit thread to see how you’d fare, especially since ADD_ikt has also composed a Moltres Spreadsheet that helps indicate what Pokemon should work best against the Legendary Fire Bird that represents team Valor in the game.


There’s not long left to catch Moltres and with such little time to capture the Legendary fire bird, it’s best you make sure you do it right when taking on a raid.

According to some analysis into the Legendary Pokemon, Moltres stats are similar to many other FIRE types, featuring extremely high attack and pretty mediocre defence.

What that means is that Moltres is capable of dealing more damage than Articuno and Lugia, but equally being easy to defeat.

“Our simulations showed that Moltres is expected to deal 25%-30% more damage (on average) when compared to Articuno,” claims Pokemon GO Hub.

“On the flip side, Moltres will go down 35% faster than Articuno, due to lower DEF and more available counters.”

If you’re not already doing so, you also need to think more carefully about which Pokemon to utilise.

“Unlike Articuno, Moltres can easily be countered by strong ROCK attackers, as it takes double super effective damage from ROCK moves! Other type weaknesses include 1x weakness to WATER and ELECTRIC moves,” claims Pokemon GO Hub.


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“Unlike Lugia, Moltres doesn’t have a redeeming move that can counter it’s own counters. We must admit, Lugia with Hydro Pump is one of the scariest things we’ve seen to date. Luckily, Moltres has only FIRE moves, which makes picking counters a breeze.”

As such, you’re best sticking to the following Pokemon as counters to Moltres:

Golem with ROCK moves
Tyranitar with Stone Edge
Omastar with any ROCK or WATER moveset
Kabutops with Stone Edge
Vaporeon, Gyarados and most other water types
Lanturn, Jolteon…

Also, the infographic below, created by Reddit User Nplumb, is as good a guide to keep on you for a quick reminder before taking on Moltres.


Pokemon GO trainers need to act fast this weekend as the games Legendary Raid Pokemon, Moltres, will only be available for a handful more days before it’s replaced by electric Legendary Zapdos.

While UK fans might be overjoyed at the latest news of being able to capture Pokemon rarely seen in Europe, including Kangaskhan and Unown at various locations around the UK until August 21st, they need to concentrate on those Legendary Raid’s while they still can.

Niantic announced recently that the game will be rotating out the Legendary Pokemon in the game, this started initially with Articuno who departed the game on Monday 31st July.

Niantic’s announcement largely addressed the failings of Pokemon GO Fest, but also explained that Moltres would take over for Articuno on July 31st and in turn Moltres will be replaced by Zapdos on Monday, August 7.

The dates for each Legendary were revealed as:

• Articuno (Team Mystic) released on Saturday, July 22 and available through Monday, July 31.
• Moltres (Team Valor) to be released on Monday, July 31 and available through Monday, August 7.
• Zapdos (Team Instinct) to be released on Monday, August 7 and available through Monday, August 14.

As to what time Moltres will depart, we can’t say for sure, as Niantic has still failed to provide any timings, but assuming it follows the same pattern as Articuno, it will likely be replaced Tuesday 8th at 1AM GMT.


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