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Pokemon on Switch Wish List: 8 Things We Want to See

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Last month during E3 2017, Nintendo announced that a new main Pokemon game is on the way for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo didn’t provide many details, though. While we wait for Game Freak and Nintendo to announce more details for Pokemon on Switch, let’s have a wish list of what we want to see in the upcoming game.

1. A huge open world

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild showed that Nintendo is willing and well-capable of breaking up a typically linear formula and turning it into, well, a nonlinear one. We wish Nintendo and Game Freak will give Pokemon on Switch the Breath of the Wild treatment and create a Pokemon world free of blocked paths and forced dungeons.

With a nonlinear open world, players will be able to go to any city or town they want and take on all the Gym Leaders in any order. Heck, they can even allow players to challenge the Elite Four right from the start by removing the typical requirement of collecting all badges first. If players want to take on more powerful foes with a Lv. 10 Pidgey, let them have it.

2. Difficulty options

All the main Pokemon games are a walk in the park. All of them. No exceptions. Even the latest generation, which strayed away from the traditional formula, is still easy. We get that the Pokemon games are designed to be friendly and accessible to kids. But when you can breeze through all seven generations using only one or two monsters, something really needs to change.

We wish Pokemon on Switch will have real difficulty options. And we’re not just talking about Pokemon with beefed-up stats beyond their in-game max stats. We’re talking about Pokemon Trainers who actually use real strategy aside from throwing Potions during battles. The Switch should be more than capable of storing multiple difficulty settings.

3. Multiple regions

We wish Pokemon on Switch will finally allow us to visit and travel around multiple regions again. The last time a Pokemon game allowed us to flex our bike skills in another region was in Pokemon Gold and Silver. That was almost two decades ago.

Ash Ketchum visits multiple regions in the Pokemon anime series. We should get the same freedom as that notoriously inept Trainer who, after 20 years, still isn’t close to becoming a real Pokemon Master. Imagine being able to visit Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and all the other regions again in a single Pokemon game. Overwhelming, we know, but also overdue.

4. All Pokemon available

The Pokemon franchise is all about catching ’em all. However, not a single main Pokemon game has allowed players to actually catch all the monsters in a single game. Players had always needed to connect with other players, opposite game versions, and older Pokemon games in order to complete their Pokedex and attain bragging rights. In the case of some legendary monsters, players needed to attend special events. As if collecting hundreds of Pokemon in-game isn’t hard enough as it is.

Game Freak should really think about making things more accessible to players who have yet to acquire that goddamn diploma since the beginning. We wish all the Pokemon will be available in the next Pokemon game. As for monsters that evolve via trading? Well, Game Freak can either include a sort of trading station or a bevy of in-game trading partners.

5. New unique Type combinations

Game Freak has been steadily creating new Type combinations over the years, producing combos like Psychic/Steel (Metagross), Electric/Ghost (Rotom), and Dragon/Fighting (Kommo-o). Not all Type combinations have been accounted for, though. There are much more mixes that don’t have representatives yet. We wish Pokemon on Switch will feature lots of new Type combos.

Imagine an Electric/Fighting Pokemon that has an aura made of electricity similar to Dragon Ball characters. Or how about a sort of yin-and-yang Pokemon that represents Fire and Ice? Hey, Game Freak created a Fire/Water Pokemon in Volcanion, so anything is possible. And on a related note (or more like a shameless plug), we wish a Dragon Eevee evolution makes an appearance. It’ll probably look like Draggy from Chrono Cross.

6. Lots of mini-games

Players sometimes need to take a break from all the monster-hunting, badge-collecting, and city-hopping. Mini-games provide a great way for players to get their mind off of things and enjoy something different. The problem is that the main Pokemon games have always been thin on mini-games, which further contributes to their linearity.

We wish Pokemon on Switch will include lots of mini-games, big and small. They don’t have to be elaborate or lengthy. Anything that we can spend a few hours in to break up the pace is fine with us. It can be a whack-a-mole style mini-game where we hit Magikarp and Feebas instead of moles. It can be a flying mini-game where we collect stuff in the air as we travel from city to city.

7. Pokemon League revamp

The Pokemon League is the ultimate challenge at the end of every journey in the main Pokemon games. It houses the Elite Four and the Champion. Elite Four members typically specialize in Pokemon belonging to a specific Type. The Champion, over the years, has been a mixed bag. Some Champions come with a Type preference. While others come with assorted Pokemon.

We wish Game Freak will shake things up a bit by introducing two things: One, Elite Four members that come with assorted Pokemon with different Types. As in all four members. And two, a Double Battle against a pair of Champions a la Tate and Liza, the twin Gym Leaders in the third-gen games. Most players don’t roll with a team specifically built for Double Battles. Imagine how frustrating it would be to go through a Pokemon League like that.

8. Move Tutors galore

You know what’s more annoying than having to connect with older Pokemon games to get older monsters? Having to connect with older Pokemon games just to get moves via Move Tutors. This especially hurts players who are building an all-powerful Pokemon team with very specific moves for competitive battling. So, for Pokemon on Switch, we wish all the elusive Move Tutors from previous generations will be available. As in all of them. And preferably in one place. Move Tutor City, anyone?

We hope Game Freak and Nintendo considers these changes and additions to the still-untitled main Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch.


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