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Pokemon Switch Starter Pokemon Might Have Leaked


With rumours of the new Pokemon Switch approaching, fans are looking for any kind of information that hints at the game’s content. Now, new pictures from 4chan have leaked that appear to be leaks of the Generation 8 starter Pokemon.

The pictures look similar in style to the leaks that preceded Sun and Moon, which turned out to be real. But while the new leaks definitely look great (if they’re fake, the artist did a great job), it’s best to take them with a grain of salt. This is 4chan, after all.

The Pokemon Company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara was initially wary about the Switch, but admits that he was wrong.


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“I came to realize the key to a successful game is quite simple – software with absolute quality leads sales of hardware,” he said. “Playing style can be flexible if the software is attractive enough.”

“With the Switch, we see it as a chance to create Pokémon that goes deeper and with a higher level of expression,” he continued. “As a result, that makes it an extremely important platform […] Right now we’re using 7 to 8 inch screens, but on a high-definition TV you can express a whole different world with graphics and sound.”

And that’s not all: they’re also considering expanding multiplayer.

“Until now, games were made as one for one person, but now you can go home and play with everyone – so how do we tackle these themes, and how do we make sure it’s not complicated?”

If you’re itching for some Pokemon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are set for release on November 17, 2017.

As of now, we really know nothing about Pokemon Switch aside from the fact that it’s coming. And if you want to believe the leaks, we might have an idea of what the starter Pokemon look like.


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