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How Prince Harry Changed After Meghan Markle Came Into His Life

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Prince Harry is still the lovable royal that followers have watched grow up, but it’s easy to see that the man has changed since fiancée Megan Markle came into his life. There are a few specific lifestyle improvements that the youngest son of Princess Diana has reportedly made in recent months.

Cleaning Up His Style — Prince Harry has been sporting a more tailored look recently. His clothes seems to fit better, and he has been layering quite a bit (a great idea when dealing with winter in London). He has also ditched a lot of the bold colors his wardrobe used to include, instead opting for muted tones like grey, olive and navy. Stylist Manina Weldon told the Daily Mail that Harry and Meghan appear to be working together on their looks.

“Meghan certainly seems to have affected Harry sartorially,” she said. “He is more aware of how he is putting himself together, and it looks as if they are trying to coordinate their appearance slightly. Meghan herself favors neutrals — she is often in greys which look lovely on her, and he seems to have adapted to this.”

No Pizza — It isn’t just brides who go on wedding diets. Prince Harry has cut pizza out of his diet. While the Italian food is delicious, most pizza pies are high in fat, cholesterol and sodium — not exactly nutritious. Prince Harry and Meghan were cooking a much healthier option, a roasted chicken, when Harry popped the question to his love.

However, it seems the prince doesn’t mind making the occasional exception. When he was in Chicago, he had to indulge in a couple slices. “I had pizza last night,” Harry said during a visit to a Chicago high school in November. “I don’t even eat pizza anymore, but I had pizza last night.” He said he tried both deep dish and thin crust.

Exercise — The military veteran has never been out of shape, but People reports that he has been going to the gym more frequently in recent months. With paparazzi more interested in him than ever, it’s easy to see why Prince Harry is a bit more focused on his looks.

The prince is sure to look dashing on his wedding day. He and Meghan will be married on May 19 in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.


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