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Princess Diana used to play hilarious pranks on strangers before joining royal family


It’s no secret that Princess Diana had a mischievous side to her.

She once told Prince Harry that he could be “as naughty as he likes” – as long as he doesn’t get caught.

And it turns out that she had a very rebellious streak when she was a young woman, and would even prank call “people with silly names who appeared in the phone directory”, according to royal biographer Andrew Morton.

Before she married Charles in 1981, Diana lived in an incredible flat in London with three of her best pals – where she had great fun.

In a 1991 interview with Andrew Morton, Princess Diana described her days living in the fancy Knightsbridge flat as “juvenile, innocent, uncomplicated and above all fun”.

She used to get up to all sorts of mischief with her school pal Carolyn Bartholomew, who lived in the flat with her.

According to Morton’s biography Diana: In Her Own Words, the naughty pair would take part in “juvenile japes” that involved “ringing people with silly names who appeared in the telephone directory”.

Another of the playful duo’s favourite pastimes was ringing doorbells in the dead of night and “planning raids of the various apartments and cars owned by friends” in the local area.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as her children Harry and William seem to have inherited her fun, playful nature.

In last year’s ITV documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life And Legacy, Harry reminisced about what a fun mum she was .

He said: “She would come and watch us play football and smuggle sweets into our socks.

“Behind closed doors she was a very loving caring mother, and an incredibly funny person. A total kid, through and through.”


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