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Remove Your Ingrown Toenail Naturally At Home


When a toenail becomes ingrown that is a lasting disease and it is represented by the growth of the nail on the one side underneath the skin. It can be caused by many reasons, but fortunately there are many conventional and surgical methods that can solve the problem. If you like to skip the expensive and uncomfortable treatments, you can do it at your home but only if it is in the early phase.

Make the skin and nails softer using a hot bath. Pour three tbs. of baking soda in five liters of water and if you like you can also add some salt. The water should not go beyond 370C. When you finish soaking the nails, pull out the ingrown nail from the skin.

You can use sticking plaster on the noticed toenail and it will ease the process because the toenail will become accessible. To raise the nail’s end, place a little cotton between the nail and the skin using tweezers, but before that, apply some antibacterial cream such as iodine. You can change the cotton and the wrapper in 24hours. Do it for fifteen days and the nail will be in its usual condition.

If this is difficult for you, use a mixture of one tbs. of honey and one grounded clove of garlic or Aloe Vera on the affected area because this mixture has antiseptic properties. And you should always have in mind that the cotton should be replaced in one day. When the procedure is finished, scrape the outer part of the nail. Do some pedicures on regular basis, and if you notice some infection on the nail and pus, you should consult a doctor.


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