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Report: Pokemon Stars Announcement Coming Soon, Will Be A Direct Sequel To Sun and Moon


There have been a lot of rumors regarding the Pokemon Stars for past couple of months suggesting that Pokemon Stars is the Sun and Moon port for the Nintendo Switch. Now a new rumor has made its way on the internet suggesting that Pokemon Stars will be announced soon.

The report comes from the translator working on Pokemon Stars that suggests that Nintendo will soon announce the game. According to the report, the game will launch for both 3DS and Nintendo Switch and the game is more story focused than Sun and Moon.


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He further reveals that the story for the game will continue from where Sun and Moon and left and will be set in Alola a few years after the events of Sun and Moon. Players will dive into the mysteries such as “about how Mohn lost his memories, and how Necrozma fell into our world”.

Pokemon Stars will be a single game as opposed to the dual release of Pokemon games and the two versions, 3DS and Switch, will be able to communicate with each other.

However, given that it is just a rumor take it as a grain of salt as Nintendo is yet to announce it officially. However, this contradicts the recent report that suggested “Stars” is in development only for 3DS.


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