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Save Money on Wedding Flowers by Making Your Own Bridal Bouquet (DIY)


How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers by Making Your Own Bridal Bouquet

Do you know how much the average bridal bouquet costs?

They often range from $75 to $250-plus!

I decided to make my own bouquet for my wedding! For my DIY bridal bouquet, I used artificial flowers, because I wanted it make it ahead of time and have it still look fresh, and this way I could keep it as a keepsake.

silk flowers - peonies from amazon - bunch of flowers bound with a rubber band
Making your Own Bouquet: individual silk flowers arranged into a bouquet and tied with a rubber band

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own bouquet:

1. Get your Supplies: Buy a bunch of peonies, lilies, roses, or whatever flower you prefer on Amazon for around $13. I love peonies and they are also the state flower of Indiana, where I was born & raised. So that’s what I used. They have many colors to choose from. I just ordered one, but depending on how many bouquets you’re making, or how big you want your bouquet to be, you may need more. You can also mix in some mini rosebuds, baby’s breath, or another type of flower, to be really cute. Click link to buy at Amazon:
Kangnice Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers Bouquet Wedding Room Floral Decor DIY, Beige and Pink

Buy some 1” wide satin ribbon in a color like white, cream, champagne, light blue, or another color that coordinates with your wedding colors. I chose champagne, but it had a slight pinkish tint to it. For one bouquet, you only need a few yards, but they don’t sell it that small unless you get it at the fabric store. I bought a whole spool of it on Amazon for $10 because I didn’t want to make a special trip to the store. This 50 yard spool will be enough for your whole wedding party if you’re doing lots of bouquets.


FUN IDEA: You could even have a bouquet making party with your bridesmaids (if you’re having bridesmaids), where everyone can make their own bouquet – if you provide the materials, then they will all coordinate but each can be a little different.

You will also need: Something to cut through the stems (mine had very tough wire in them), straight pins, a cardboard tube, scissors, and other optional embellishments.

2. Arrange the flowers into a pretty, rounded bunch (or a different shape, if that’s what you prefer). This takes some creativity and patience until it looks right to you.

Artificial flowers tied together with rubber bands. Pliers used to cut ends of stems
Cut off the bottom of the stems to make the bouquet the desired height.


3. Use the wire cutter on some needle nose pliers, and some brute strength, bending the wire back and forth until it breaks, to cut down the stems, and remove most of the greenery.



Masking tape wrapped around the stem of DIY bridal bouquet
Wrap wide masking tape around the stem of the bouquet to stabilize




4. Wrap some tape tightly around the stems to secure your arrangement.





Make a handle – I used a cardboard toilet paper roll tube:

5. Cut the tube lengthwise and  6. tighten it around the stems by overlapping one end over the other.

Scissors cutting a toilet paper tube lengthwise
Cut a toilet paper tube straight down from top to botton
Roll pre-cut cardboard tube into a narrower shape to fit bouquet stems
Make the cardboard tube narrower by tucking one end inside the other.










7. Secure with more tape. I used wide masking tape. Make the transition smooth by also covering the edges with tape.

artificial DIY bouquet with taped handle
After wrapping cardboard tightly around stems, cover again by wrapping with more masking tape.
Wrap the ribbon–

8. Tape the end of your ribbon near the top your stem. Hide it in the top of the tube.

9. Wrap the ribbon around in a sort of up and down criss-cross pattern and work your way down to the bottom of the stem, making sure to hide all of the taped areas.

10.  Weave straight pins through the ribbon to hold in place (you can use matching decorative ones like I did, or go for tinier, less visible ones). Make sure the sharp end of the pin is down under the ribbon and not poking out. When you’ve wrapped the whole tube and taped areas, you can cut the ribbon off the spool (leave a few extra inches).

hand holding the bouquet stem showing ribbon pinned in place
Wrap ribbon around taped-cardboard stem and neatly arrange pins evenly spaced


11.  Neatly fold the end under and pin it with the lowest pin. (You might have to remove the pin and put it back again.)

closeup of folded ribbon secured with straight pins
Fold the end of the ribbon under neatly and tuck under pins






Now, customize and decorate the bouquet


flower bouquet with twine wrapped around the stem
Add twine to make your bouquet more rustic.


12. Add sisal rope or twine, or a contrasting ribbon: For our outdoor wedding by the lake, I wanted a rustic vibe, so I crisscrossed some twine in a diamond pattern to rough-it up a little bit. If you want a more elegant look, you can skip this or add a thin ribbon in a contrasting color to do the same thing. Tuck the ends into the flowers, or up into the bottom of the cardboard tube. or let hang down if you want a lot of ribbons draping.


13.Make your bow (optional) – Take another length of ribbon, about 18” – 24,” or longer depending on how much you want the ribbons to drape down, and wrap around the top of the stem and tie it in a big bow.

*If you want a streamer look, you can tie multiple ribbons in a thinner width, with or without a bow, and let them hang down from the bouquet.

Peony bouquet in vase with a ribbon bow and pearls wrapped around the stem
Bouquet with bow tied

Add additional embellishments: I wanted to memorialize both of my grandmas in my bouquet. I put a picture of one of them inside the flowers, and for the other I took a string of pearls that she had given me, and wrapped it around the bouquet handle.

And there you have it: How to make your own one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet!

I also bought a silk flower boutonniere for $6 for my groom to wear.


Flowers total cost: less than $30 (I still have most of the ribbon left)

If you’re planning to elope or planning a small wedding, a courthouse wedding, or a destination wedding, make sure you check out my article How I Planned My Small Destination Wedding for Under $3,000 in 6 Weeks!

Bride holding wedding bouquet
My DIY homemade bridal bouquet on my wedding day!

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