Royal Family

So Harry and Meghan want to do things differently? Fat chance of that

No rolling updates on the royal cervix, no timeline on the first twinge. This privacy won’t last

Prince Harry’s goofy happiness at becoming a father is, of course, lovely to behold. No one begrudges the man who walked behind his mother’s coffin a rush of joy at the birth of his first child. He is just like every other sleep-deprived new dad. So “relatable”, so human and ordinary.

Except none of this is ordinary – even if they do call the child Arthur, as the bookies reckon. Harry announced the happy news standing in front of a yard full of horses. Where were the mother and child? In the stable? A map helpfully appeared in the Daily Mail of a possible route by which Meghan was taken to hospital. Er … the quickest route, surely.


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