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Swadlincote’s £10,000 Diana Memorial Garden nears completion date

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The garden was the scene of an outpouring of grief at the time of Princess Diana’s death in 1997

Refurbishment work on the Princess Diana Memorial Garden in Swadlincote is almost complete – at a total outlay of more than £10,000.

The garden, at the bottom of Alexandra Road, was originally planned to finish in September last year, but delays in ordering granite stones and a council rejection of blue brick planters pushed the finishing date back until the end of January 2018.

The memorial garden is being transformed following last year’s 20th anniversary of the Princess’s death in 1997.

The memorial work is part of a larger project aiming to further improve the town, as part of the Swadlincote Townscape Heritage Scheme.

The extra costs since the start of the works in June last year have now reached a total of £10,137.40, figures reveal.

Following a public consultation, new plans will see a mini-amphitheatre, sensory garden, sculptures as well as interactive educational boards, and a water feature using the grassed area behind the memorial.

The memorial garden, originally created to celebrate the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles to Diana, later became the scene of an outpouring of grief following her death in 1997 following a road accident in Paris.

A landscaped seating area will be created around a beech tree for residents to visit and remember the Princess. The garden will feature a poem written by local poet, Kevin Fegan, which remembers Princess Diana and the history of the area.

While the garden remains fenced off its new seating area can be seen and planting has started.

Process update

• June 19 – construction work begins on site with the predicted completion date of September 14.

• August – Private donation received from Terjinder Purewall of £5,700 towards two benches (original bench changed slightly) and the engraving of two plaques to be positioned on the two benches – (in memory of Councillor Roy Nut who was council chairman in 1981 and dedicated the gardens alongside Princess Anne)

• Engraved timeline added to circular timber bench – engraved on the backrest panels.

• The predicted completion date is now January 31, 2018 (subject to weather conditions).


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