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TOP SECRET REVEALED! Millet Seed Counteracts Cancer Development! HOW? WHY?

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Patients with end-stage disease who received vitamin B17 showed a high percentage of recovery, said Mr. Edward Griffin. This vitamin was initially discovered in the bitter almonds that later turned out to be the largest concentration in apricot seeds.

TOP SECRET REVEALED! Millet Seed Counteracts Cancer Development! HOW? WHY?

Cancer is a disease that is not caused by some mysterious bacteria, virus or toxin, but it causes a deficiency disease, which occurs due to lack of “some essential (key) nutrients in the human diet.” The essential matter is identified as vitamin B17, which is in its purified form, known as laetrile, used to treat cancer.

This bold statement during a recent visit to Belgrade, presented by Mr. Edward Griffin, the American author of the book “The World Without Cancer”, which actually represents a comprehensive story on vitamin B17 and its positive effect in patients suffering from this disease:

– Long experience with American patients in the terminal stage of the disease who received leatril in clinics where they are treated, showed that a high percentage recovered. However, the problem of the wide application of this ingredient is vitamin B17 in the existence of two official expert point of view.One representing experts from the intransigent attitude, which insist on the surgical treatment of tumors and application of radio and chemotherapy. An alternative approach embodied in the treatment of vitamin B17 are not accepted.Experience has, however, revealed that the tumor, regardless of the above methods of treatment returns. On the other hand, doctors who accept an alternative approach, a growth seen as a symptom and are looking into the reasons for its occurrence there. To them it is very important to know what kind of life the patient takes, how it feeds, is happy, because they believe that these are key moments for the health or disease of a specific person. The occurrence of cancer, in fact, does not cause a certain reason, but it is a manifestation of a deficiency in the body, specifically the lack of vitamin B17.

Explaining the adopted statement, Dr. Griffin refers to the biochemist Dr. Ernest Krebs, who was still in 1952 in San Francisco discovered that behind malignancies hides the lack of the necessary components in the diet. It is a compound that naturally occurs in more than 1,200 species of edible plants, and are available in practically every part of the world. The compound is mostly found in the seeds of bitter almonds, cherries, peaches, plums, in corn, flax seed, millet … After several years of research, Dr. Krebs has managed to isolate a new, very important vitamin, vitamin B17, to whom he gave the name of laetrile.

– Vitamin B17 is certainly a discovery that offers hope. His options were engaged in numerous scientific teams, but because of the fierce reluctance of the pharmaceutical industry, the results were never completely were not disclosed. Even on the contrary, patients and families have stated that they banned it for therapeutic purposes are taken purified preparations of vitamin B17. The hopelessness of the disease some still decided to ignore the ban doctors and began to take preparations. After some time, they recovered back to normal activities and life.After all, there is the testimony of cured patients that confirm the effectiveness of vitamin B17.

Mr Griffin points out that many of the world’s cultures confirmed the effectiveness of vitamin therapy Laetrile or amygdalin, as it is also called B17. Cites examples of Nations placed between Pakistan, India and China. Regardless of poverty, their true wealth is health, longevity and vitality. In these areas, people are foods enriched with apricot kernels, which are considered the best source of vitamin B17. From the seeds of nutritious seeds pressed oil, and use it not only for food but also for outdoor use. In addition, abundant quantities using vegetables, buckwheat, millet, alfalfa seeds, sprouted Cowberries and various other small fruits. So that those with vitamin B17, supplied daily. This is not a solitary case, but is also characteristic of the Himalayas, Alaska, as well as any other isolated peoples who consume foods low in saccharides, but so rich in vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins, including vitamin B17 in particular excels. Their diet is 200 times richer in this vitamin in the developed world.

Amilgadin, or vitamin B17, was originally discovered in the bitter almonds that later turned out to have the most berries, especially in the wild blackberries, cherries, currants. It is found in the seeds of apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, lupine, Indian walnut. In small amounts is in the Update, grapes, quince, strawberries, raspberries, barley, lentils, red beans, legumes. However, the largest concentration in apricot seeds.

When asked what this vitamin is so different from others, Mr. Griffin says:

– Amilgadin consisting of one molecule of a benzaldehyde, a hidrocijanida molecule and two molecules of glucose. The first two molecules are toxic elements, or in combination with molecules of glucose have no toxic effect. In contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, which can be found everywhere in the human body, especially in cancer cells leads to the release of cyanide and benzaldehyde, which together destructive act only on cancer cells. Given the fact that cancer cells for their growth and development using glucose intake of vitamin B17 they absorb not only this particular sugar, but also toxic molecules and dying.

Knowing its value, many Eastern nations recommend a proper and balanced diet as the most important factor in the treatment of cancer therapy. Therefore it is very important to know the nature of foods that could properly be used. In this sense, there are foods that establish a balance in the body and those that disrupt that balance.

In any case, avoid refined sugar and flour, soft drinks, dairy products because these foods strengthen cancer and microbes in cancer cells. Should be avoided and trans fats, such as margarine, french fries, then aspartame, an artificial sweetener and dietary beverages, unsaturated higher fatty oils, and corn oil.Food that directly matter in cancer therapy should be avoided, and alcohol and coffee are on the list of most unwanted. There are also foods that disrupt and deplete the immune system, such as veal, turkey and in general all foods that contain too much protein.

Vitamin B17 is used in preventive purposes, or consuming, due to the specific composition must be controlled. The largest quantities entering the body receives the raw or young natural food. Also, there is no moderate cooking or other processing of foods will destroy the amygdalin.

DANGEROUS exaggeration

Vitamin preparations or supplements, that can not be taken without consulting a doctor, experts warn. This applies to all the vitamins, and vitamin B17 and. They emphasize that supplements can not replace varied and proper nutrition, it is a big mistake if you skip meals, consume “fast food”, avoiding fruits and vegetables, and then all attempts to compensate supplements. Although it is a substance that can be found naturally in foods, should not be forgotten that those supplements are in a purified and concentrated form, making exaggeration can have unwanted consequences. #I ailments and depression. Is important also for the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids and certain amino acids. It is recommended for anemia, and reduces sticking of blood platelets, lowers bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. Has proven useful with arthritis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, convulsions, Parkinson’s disease and mental illnesses. Lack of this vitamin leads to skin diseases and nervous disorders. In order to avoid the need to enter cereals, potatoes, eggs, fish, pork, uznutrice, green cabbage, bananas and yeast that is extremely rich in vitamin B6.



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