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Truth About Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Baby Being Tested For Disabilities


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are being rumored to have subjected their unborn child to a test to know if the baby has any disability before making an official announcement.

Radar Online recently released an unconfirmed story about the Duchess of Sussex being forced to test her unborn child due to Queen Elizabeth II’s orders. The tabloid claimed that the health check was done due to the royal family’s shocking hidden history of children with incapacities.

The publication also quoted an unnamed source who said, “Even though Meghan was a non-royal, that didn’t change the fact she had to get tested. Meghan wasn’t happy with having to submit to it, but it was non-negotiable like most traditions in the royal family.”

Even though The Telegraph previously revealed that Her Majesty indeed has two “hidden cousins,” Radar Online’s claim regarding the alleged test cannot be called accurate. But according to The Telegraph, the Queen’s cousins, Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyons, who are the children of Queen Mother’s older brother John and his wife Fenella, both suffered from severe mental issues.

Back in the day, the siblings were regarded as imbeciles due to their inability to communicate. In 1941, they were sent to the Royal Earlswood asylum when Nerissa was 22 and Katherine was 15. Although the siblings couldn’t communicate, they knew that they had royal connections.

It was revealed that they would curtsy or salute whenever their relatives appeared on television. Nerissa and Katherine’s parents and relatives never visited them or sent them Christmas cards and birthday cards. In 1963, the two were declared dead.

Meanwhile, it is possible that Radar Online is linking the Queen’s hidden cousins’ condition to Markle’s baby because the duchess is already 37 years old. This delicate age means Markle is having a geriatric pregnancy, and there are more risks for her and her baby.

According to the NHS, women who get pregnant beyond the age of 35 face higher risks of a stillbirth and for their baby to have Down’s Syndrome. Other possible issues include miscarriage, pre-eclampsia and the need for a Caesarian section.


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