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Two in One! Remove The Fat of Your Abdomen and Clean Your Colon With This Wonderful Milkshake!


Nowadays most doctors recommend that we should clean our colon with the help of improving our health. This means that we have to make sure that we have prevented various diseases that can attack the colon, ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to cancer. This time, we’re going to recommend you a very beneficial that would allow you not only to clean the colon, but it will also speed up your metabolism, that will further help you to lose the fat accumulated in various areas especially in the abdomen.

Take a look at the recipe!


  • 2 prickly pears
  • 1 ripe papaya
  • 3 lemons
  • 3 oranges



The preparation is quite simple. Just start removing all the thorns of the prickly pears. Then peel the papaya and remove the seeds. Cut both the prickly pears and the papaya into small pieces and put them into a food processor or blender. Blend well. Extract the juice from oranges and lemons in a separate bowl and add this juice to the mixture of papaya and prickly pears. Blend everything a little more. Drink one glass of this drink every day preferably on an empty stomach and you’ll soon notice excellent benefits for your body.


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